TransLes LLC and RFP Group signed a long-term service contract for the transportation of round and sawn timber.

The company's long-term development strategy was approved

The implementation of a large-scale investment program for the acquisition of 1500 new timber platforms (model 13-9924-01).

Increase of route shipments by 54%.

In October 2016 TransLes LLC branch in Asino was set up

The company joined the Association of loggers and timber exporters in Irkutsk region

In 2015 «TransLes» initiated forwarding of container transportations.

The Company has joined  the Non-profit organization «Daleksportles».

«TransLes» celebrates the 10th anniversary of work in the Russian transportation  market.

Due to the renewal of rolling stock,  «TransLes» purchased 1,400 specialized timber flatcars.

In order to optimize the logistics, «TransLes» launchs the group block train shipments that allow accelerating the freight cars turnover.

In 2014 the Company set up a new service of railway container transportations.

«TransLes» has joined  the SRO NP «Council of Railway Operators Market» .

«TransLes»  was integrated in RTC Group of Companies, that is numbered among the Top Four independent Russian rail-freight operators.

Due to the renewal of rolling stock,  «TransLes» purchased 500 specialized timber flatcars.

Timber transportation volume of «TransLes» in leased rolling stock totaled 2.7 million in 2012.

«TransLes» rolling stock fleet has exceeded 9,000 units.

In 2009, more than 1,000 timber flatcars were modernized.
A new equipment was installed on the 4443-02 model.

The Department of leased rolling stock was developed in order to expand the range of services.

The modernized timber flatcar, that is equipped with fitting chocks, is check tested.

The Company has been actively developing a new strategic direction of broad-ranging goods transportations by universal flatcars.
The universal flatcars fleet of «TransLes» exceeded 1,000 units.

In 2007, the Company's market share of timber rail transportation reached 14%.

For its operations in the main timber production regions, the Company has established regional representative offices and concluded contracts with local railroad administrations and clients. «TransLes's» vast geographic coverage included railroads located in Russia (North Railways, Oktyabrskaya Railways, Gorky Railways, Sverdlovsk Railways, Krasnoyarsk Railways, East Siberian Railways, Transbaikalia Railways, and Far East Railways) and abroad (Finland, the Baltic states, Mongolia, and China).

Operational interaction with regional railroad administrations and customers was provided by «TransLes» offices in Khabarovsk, Chita, Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk, Yaroslavl, Nizhny Novgorod, St.-Petersburg and agency network. «TransLes» Moscow office was responsible for direct management of the Company’s business.

«TransLes»LLC was incorporated on December 27, 2005.